Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces by Judy SchachnerBits & Pieces
Written and illustrated by Judy Schachner
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2013
978-0803737884, hardcover
B00C5R83MS, Kindle edition

Tink, the tiny kitten from The Grannyman, is now full grown! He has everything he ever wanted –- delicious treats, hugs and kisses, and even a kitten to raise. The only thing missing is wild outdoor adventure. So when the opportunity arises, Tink sneaks out and becomes an outdoor cat for one unforgettable night.

"Delightful from start to finish."—The New York Times

"Another charming slice-of-(real)-life story from veteran author/illustrator Schachner that will particularly please fans of The Grannyman…Fellow cat fanciers will appreciate Schachner’s low-key tale and share her unabashed love for her furry friend."—Kirkus Reviews

"Schachner’s smudgy, cheerful illustrations buoy up this story…the author’s fans and cat lovers will relate to the story of the feline’s antics and the satisfying resolution."—School Library Journal

"Schachner’s warm prose and mixed-media artwork overflow with affection for both Tink and the SkippyJon-lookalike “little friend” who joins the family."—Publishers Weekly

"Tink is a beloved indoor pet with a brain ‘the size of a frozen pea.’ No matter, his family loves him to bits and pieces. Schachner uses charcoal pencil, pan pencil, pastels, watercolor, and cut paper to glorify the antics of this beloved cat in full-bleed spreads and panels…when his family finds him a new kitten named Little (and he is) to keep him company indoors, Tink still yearns for another outdoor experience. Finally, on his twentieth birthday, the old boy sneaks outside and has some intoxicating adventures in the big wide world. In a vibrant double-page spread, Tink strolls into the night, viewing the moon, the owls, and other nighttime creatures, and then realizes he is lost. All ends well with reassuring smiles between the two cats as they rest on the blue polka-dotted armchair. Fans of Schachner’s Skippyjon Jones series should lap this one up."—Booklist